History association VEKD uses SeedDMS

The history association VEKD uses SeedDMS to manage a digital archive of the local history museum. The association has set itself the goal of digitizing photos and documents from and about its home town and thus preserving it for posterity. The SeedDMS management system is ideally suited for this.

With the help of a structured index tree, photos can be assigned to historical buildings, clubs or even families and private individuals. The possibility of setting cross-references and thus creating connections between different data sets is particularly helpful. As with a jigsaw puzzle, more and more pictures are brought together and gradually complete the overall historical picture of the community.

Each uploaded file can be assigned a descriptive text, categories and keywords. This makes it much easier to find photos and documents on specific topics and is, for example, a great help when putting together temporary exhibitions for the museum or enables the association to carry out quick and extensive research.

Since SeedDMS supports user groups with different areas of responsibility, team building for building the digital archive is very easy. A group of members scans templates and uploads them to the archive, another group views and labels the new material. SeedDMS runs on a web server that every team member can access from home, so everyone has the opportunity to organize their own time for working in the system and the association is independent of local hardware. This saves time and money - important aspects in this voluntary project!

The VEKD would like to thank the SeedDMS team for providing the software free of charge and for the friendly support!