SeedDMS is available in two versions, which are both updated frequently.

Version 6.0.x

Version 6.0.x was first released in Feb. 2020. It has additional features like a scheduler, new workflows and a possibility to restrict operations based on roles. If you are new to SeedDMS or want to setup a new installation, then go for this version.

The latest version of the 6.0.x branch is 6.0.28

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Version 5.1.x

Version 5.1.x is quite mature and was first released in Feb. 2017. It still receives all updates (including new features) unless they are related to features only available in version 6.0.x. All bug fixes and security fixes will first enter 5.1.x and will than be merged into 6.0.x. If you are running SeedDMS 5.1.x and not missing any features, then there is currently no need to upgrade to 6.0.x.

The latest version of the 5.1.x branch is 5.1.35

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External resources

There have been other developers creating extensions for SeedDMS. These may be of use for you, but please contact the developer if you encounter problems.

OpenID Connect Extension