SeedDMS offers lots of features, while being simple to install and intuitive to use. It has a wide range of applications from private document storage to enterprise use with strict and sophisticated workflow management. Users employ it for storing incoices, documentation, learning materials, emails, etc.

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Documents and Folders

SeedDMS manages documents and folders very similar to a file system on your hard disk. But it offers much more when it comes to additional meta data like the author, keywords, a description, and arbitrary attributes.

Each document has at least one version which is the actual content of the document. Any update will create a new version, while keeping all the old ones.

Meta data, Searching

A document is more than a file. It has extra metadata, can have any number of versions, be related to other documents, may even have attached files, has access rights and can be run through a workflow before it is released. The most common document types like PDF, MS Word, MS Excel can be indexed for full text search.


SeedDMS always had a simple but sophisticated workflow management requesting review and approval before a document is released. Since version 4.0.0 SeedDMS has a fully new workflow engine which allows to add arbitrary self defined workflows. In SeedDMS 6 a revision and reception workflow have been added.