Success Stories

Generic tools like a Document Management System can be used for many different scenarios. The downside of this property is the sometimes abstract view on your personal requirements, to find a reasable use case and gain the maximum benefit from the DMS. Some real life examples might help to see what makes the difference when applying a DMS.

Swedish institution lowers turn around times of documents by 90%!

A swedish instution having the need to circulate documents all over the country among a varying number of 10-15 staff members. Using SeedDMS cut down turn around times to a minimum. In the past documents went on its way by regular mail, which resulted in considerable delay. This was especially the case, when changes to the original document had to be made.

Today documents are first uploaded to SeedDMS and made public to a limited group of persons for first review. Several reviewers can easily work on the same dokument, by locking while they make changes und upload their results. When the review and thereby the document is finished, it is approved by the head of staff. Results are published to a broader group of staff members, if necessary.

The possibility to restrict access to documents shows advantages in terms of keeping the document structure clean to staff members, that do not have the need to access some of the documents necessary to run the institution.

With SeedDMS allowing people to be added and removed from groups, people changing the position within the institution is not a problem anymore. Once the group has been updated, new staff members are easily granted access to all the documents that are needed for their work.

As previous versions of all documents are kept, it is easy to follow decissions taken in the past. The new staff members has now the ability to access all the details needed without having to fly several hundred kilometers in order to get an introduction to the work and access to documents on paper from previous years.

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