Help translating SeedDMS

SeedDMS aims to speak many languages, but some of them are more or less incomplete. If you speak any of the languages supported by SeedDMS, please consider to check the translation and send in corrections.

How to help?

Helping to translate SeedDMS isn't difficult. You basically have three choices.

  • You would like to add some new translations to an already existing language. In that case log into the demo and fill out the form with missing translations at the end of each page.
  • You would like to correct some existing translations. In that case modify the in your locally installed version of SeedDMS and send us the file by email. The translation files can be found in languages/country_lang_code/ You can also apply for an account in the translation tool at by sending us an email.
  • If you like to start with a new language, then you should first create a new folder below languages in your local installation of SeedDMS on the disk. Name it like the other folders by choosing your language and country code. Copy one of the other files into your new folder and translate the phrases. Send the file by email once you are ready. Do not leave untranslated phrases in that file. Remove those phrases before sending the file. Once we have received that file, we will import it into the translation database and you can continue with the translation tool.

If you decide to start in your local installation, then open the language file in a text editor and add the missing translations or correct existing ones. I always found it very helpful to open the english file and the file to be translated at the same time and switch between the two. You should keep some points in mind:

  • The files are php files and should remain syntactically correct.
  • Use utf-8 encoding only.
  • Add a note a the top of the file that you updated it.

Once you are done, send it to me by email