Current development of LetoDMS and SeedDMS covers three branches. The 3.3.x versions are rock solid and part of Debian Wheezy. 3.4.x is the current stable version with some major internal improvements over 3.3.x. SeedDMS 4.x.x will be a big step in development with not just a new name but a completely new user interface and workflow engine. Try it, and send me bugs and your comments!

Verson 4.0.x

SeedDMS 4.0.x is the first version after the name change. It countinues the version numbers of LetoDMS and is based on its code. SeedDMS 4.0.x is still highly experimental and should not be used in a production environment. It is in many aspects a complete rewrite and requires a modern web browser to be fully usable. Here are some of the highlights:

  • new user interface based on bootstrap (the old user interface is still available but will not have any of the new features)
  • new workflow engine replacing the old static review/approval process
  • support for sqlite3
  • database abstraction ADODb can be replaced by PDO
  • added clipboard and drag&drop for moving documents

Version 3.4.x

  • check for password strength
  • added expiration of passwords
  • disabling of login page after a configurable number of failed logins
  • added internal database transactions
  • added user defined attributes for documents, folders and document content

Version 3.3.x

First released in Feb. 2012, this branch of LetoDMS is considered the most stable with already 12 updates. Users of an older version than 3.3.x should definitely update because of many fixed security wholes.

  • lots of security fixes
  • multi level content directory for supporting more than 32000 documents
  • searching for folders
  • password forgotten function
  • saving to database doesn't do any sanitizing anymore
  • improved installation process

Version 4.1.x

Version 4.1.x contains various bug fixes and much better optimization for mobile devices. The notification system sends emails in the language of the receiving user instead of the currently logged in user.

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Version 4.2.x

Version 4.2.x fixes various bug and has lots of small improvements like:

  • better looking GUI
  • Admin can switch into the role of another user
  • better notification if a user needs to take an action, like approving a document

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Version 4.3.x

Version 4.3.x again fixes various bug and has lots of small improvements like:

  • create preview images for attachments
  • reorganization of ViewDocument page
  • replaced folder tree view with a tree based on jquery which loads subfolders on demand
  • attribute value must match regular expression if given
  • combine full text and database search in one form
  • added new language arabic (Egypt)
  • moving several documents/folders at a time
  • ... and much more

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