Help translating SeedDMS

SeedDMS aims to speak many languages, but some of them are more or less incomplete. If you speak any of the languages supported by SeedDMS, please consider to check the translation and send in corrections.

How to help?

Helping to translate SeedDMS isn't difficult. You have basically two choices. Either just grap the file of the language of your choice and also the english language file for reference or use the translation tool at which is now the preffered method. Please send an email to me, if you would like to have an account for the translation tool.

If you still decide to not use the translation tool, then open the language file in a text editor and add the missing translations or correct existings ones. I always found it very helpful to open the english file and the file to be translated at the same time and switch beetween the two. You should keep some points in mind:

  • The files are php files and should remain syntactically correct.
  • Use utf-8 encoding only.
  • Add a note a the top of the file that you updated it.

Once you are done, send it to me by email