SeedDMS is free software, based on LetoDMS and developed by the community for a wide range of users. If you need help or looking for professional support or even hosting of SeedDMS, this is the best place to start.

Contact developers

If you are seeking for help with LetoDMS or SeedDMS, or even want to contribute to SeedDMS contact

The main developer (Uwe Steinmann) who has taken care of LetoDMS for more than the last two years is now working on SeedDMS, because the project holder of LetoDMS at sourceforge didn't allow any activities outside of


API of SeedDMS_Core

Install SeedDMS on QNAP hardware


For first hand information about SeedDMS and for questions and comments use the forum at sourceforge.

Professional support

You need professional support for  LetoDMS or SeedDMS, would like to have new features implemented, or need SeedDMS hosting, then contact one of the companies below.


A german company and employer of the main developer of SeedDMS (former LetoDMS). MMK offers any kind of support for LetoDMS and SeedDMS. This is the right place to get first hand support, to customize SeedDMS to your needs or hosting SeedDMS. Though the web site is in german, send your request in englisch if you like.

Get Support » offers technical support for LetoDMS in Spain area. Dookin also provides SAAS services of LetoDMS deployments. Please contact Francisco Manuel García Claramonte for more information offers a readily installed DMS on their servers. This is the right place to start and get support, send your request and they will get you going.